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How To Make Summer Vacation Interesting?

Dear, graceful and talented young ladies and gentlemen, As it is the summer vacation time, let’s talk about the effective utilization of these two months in a different light.

Ever since the deadly Covid 19 crept into our environment, many issues came to a standstill. Going to school is one of them. This doesn’t mean that education is available in the Academic institutions only. Outside the walls of the schools, there is plenty to learn. You as children have been so engrossed in books and laboratories, a very important and interesting domain in life, got neglected.

With restrictions on travel and attending school, let’s shift to concentrate on a different learning curve. For instance, the Flora and fauna around us and faraway. Most of you are fond of animals and flowers but haven’t found time to spend with them, observe and study them, especially the stray animals. Many of you have a scientific sense, so delve into the unknown and the mysterious world. Some of you may have an ambition to become leaders so go ahead and study the biographies of famous and great leaders. You could even organize a skit to impersonate them. Some of you may love music and would be dreaming of becoming the future musicians of the world. Techno savvy young ones can even open up the old electronic equipment and learn to reassemble them (with the permission and presence of parents).

I assure you, all these areas and many more will claim your attention and this diversion of learning will fascinate and intrigue you to a level of concern for the world and its existence. Like every tunnel at the beginning and end has light, so will be the Experience. Explore and enjoy your vacation and return back with some new learning.

Wish You All A Very Happy And Healthy Vacation.