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How To Support Your Children During The COVID 19 Pandemic?

Covid 19 was a sudden break for the whole life system in the world. Almost all families were once again having back together from the hectic world. Lockdowns affected in closures of schools and changing work system to remote working. For children, it s been a time for having their parents or caretaker all the time with them. For some babies that is the only world, they know now. After a while, parents have started to prepare mentally for the daily routine of regular life systems such as work, office, daycare school, etc., it is the young children who are going to struggle in this sudden shift. Back to school anxiety or separation anxiety will be a major villain. Also, a lot more care and support will be required for your children when they again go back to the school system. Dealing with different types of anxieties will be tough for parents too.  Here are some tips that can help you understand your children and support them in their all worries.

What Is Back-To-School Anxiety/ Separation Anxiety?

It is normal to be anxious on different occasions. But if that anxiety is becoming chronic, that is going to affect children enjoying many things. Back to school anxiety can be noticed in different ways such as crying and being clingy when they are about to get to school and when you leave them in school or when they go to face a new situation. When anxiety becomes debilitating, it makes children difficult to make decisions, participate in activities, and socialize. It was a frightening situation, and it remains a source of questions and concerns about health and safety even now. But you don t need to be panic about the situation. With proper understanding and care, you can tackle the situation. There are many best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi city practicing needed care and training for students to support them and help them keep focused on studies and extra curriculum activities.

Here Are Some Important Things That You Can Do To Support Your Children To Get-Back-To The Schooling Life Happily: 

Create a routine and discipline: In times of uncertainty, routines provide the structure we need. The importance of a back-to-school routine will increase now more than ever. It is important to consider how parents prepare and support. Usually, parents give more consideration for taking action when the children are in danger. But it is equally important to prepare children not to get into a dangerous situation. Due to the long coivid19 pandemic period, situations children might in so many disorders. But a steadiness and systematic routine will help them feel supported.

Make them ready for change: There will be major differences in the school system also. The school they left last time and the school they are going back to may be totally different in their nature. Talk to them and try to make them understand that there will be masks, the distance between friends, sometimes there may be even dividers and different lunchtimes. If you can make them aware of the new situation that they are going to face, it will be helpful for them to get to that system easily.

Prepare the list of things for their backpacks: This time, their backpacks may be needed to fill with many extra things too. It will be different from normal bags. There will be hand sanitizer and mask, water bottle and lunch boxes, and remote learning tools for keeping distance if required.  

Have a clear plan of safer after-school activities: Plan some interesting fun activities for them to make them happier and pleasant after school. But always keep in mind that the activity you prepare should be safer and beneficial for their health and mind. In special covid19 situations, it is recommended to plan individual sports and activity items outdoors by taking all safety precautions.

Be a good listener for them: Even if you have a hectic work schedule, find time to sit with your children and carefully listen to them. Take all their worries and concerns seriously and talk to them about the solutions. 

Have a pleasant leaving plan in the morning: Goodbyes are always difficult for children. Instead of sad goodbyes in the morning, make it expressed with good vibes.  Pass them a positive thought for the day and give them hope for the next meeting. 

Apart from ensuring the above-mentioned tips, there are some important things that you should be enlisted in your routine system such as:

  • Check your children for any symptoms every day
  • Ensure that they are wearing masks regularly
  • Ask them to sanitize their hands and teach them how to sanitize them properly
  • If your kid tested positive, immediately inform the school authority
  • If your child has contact with covid19 positive case, follow isolation
  • Keep your home clean and safe from bacteria and germs
  • Follow healthy food habit
  • Provide them with a healthy meal and separate personal water bottles